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Be our guest!

If you’d like to know how a Toastmasters meeting works, there is only one way to find out: experience a meeting yourself!
You are most welcome to be our guest.

Does this mean I will have to speak?
Guests are usually invited to briefly introduce themselves and will be asked to give feedback at the end of the meeting. So yes, this may be your very first speaking experience at a Toastmasters meeting. However, if that is too big a step for you, please note that as a guest, you have no obligation to speak at all. We’ve all been there, so it’s perfectly OK if you just want to sit and listen.

What do you mean with a bi-lingual club?
We are a club that promotes 2 languages. This means during the meeting there will be speeches, evaluations and table topics (improvisation exercises) in English as well as in Dutch. If you can speak both languages you’re free to choose whatever language you prefer, if you can only speak one it’s perfectly fine to just speak in that one.

When do I have to become a member?
If you’re already interested in joining Toastmasters, you can of course become a member right away and start improving your communication and leadership skills. But we understand if you need more than one meeting to be sure that Toastmasters is right for you. It is only when you wish to deliver your first speech (the Ice Breaker) that you are required to become a member. Again, the choice is entirely yours!

Only one obligation: make a reservation!
If you’d like to be our guest, then please check the calendar. Two weeks before the meeting, you can book your seat on the event page itself.
On our calendar, you’ll find the date and theme of our next meetings.