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Generation T On Stage @ Antwerpen

Generation T On Stage @ Antwerpen

Posted by Toastmasters Antwerpen in Testimonial

On a late summerday in August, we met at the Zomerfabriek in Antwerp for a new edition of Generation T on stage. Four enthousiastic speakers were ready to enlighten the Generation T community about their projects. And the Generation T community was ready to assist these four enthousiastic speakers with questions and feedback on their presentation skills.

Vincent Bellinckx opened the evening with his pitch about a new innovative initiative towards politics, the Burgerlijst. By using a participative approach, the Burgerlijst aimed to bring the politics back to the people. Charlotte Dewilde presented Co-vibes, an initiative focussed on talent-based hiring, and told us about her own experiences at Co-vibes. Apostolos Georgoulas enlightened us with a talk about his research project “Landmark”.  He engaged us to think about a sustainable way to manage land and soil in Europe. Chloë Janssens introduced the Henri Lejeune collective to the Generation T community. At Henri Lejeune, a new way of publishing was born focusing on sustainability in all of its aspects.

Toastmasters Antwerpen are a perfect partner to assist our Generation T presenters in improving their skill set.

The aim of  Generation T on stage is to give the floor to members of the Generation T community to pitch about their sustainable passion and project and to receive professional feedback on their pitching skills. For this professional feedback, we were glad to welcome Yasmina Fadli from Toastmasters Antwerpen. Toastmasters Antwerpen are experts in the field of presentations and pitches and are a perfect partner to assist our Generation T presenters in improving their skill set. Yasmina has an incredible background in speeches and engaging people to develop their talents. She considers public speaking as an opportunity to inspire and motivate and provided our Generation T speakers @ Generation T on stage with valuable feedback on how to tell their story and inspire other people.

After our four speakers nailed their speech and received some valuable feedback, the night was still young. The Zomerfabriek proved to be an ideal location to gather, network and discuss all aspects of the Generation T daily life, including a large bunch of sustainability. Thanks to our four speakers and Toastmasters Antwerpen, Antwerp will not soon forget about Generation T.

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