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What makes our club so unique?

Posted by Toastmasters Antwerpen in Testimonial

We were prompted to ask ourselves that simple question by our fellow Toastmasters from Smedley Chapter One, the very first Toastmasters club in the world. They asked all Toastmasters clubs around the world to send their answers in a one minute video. A compilation of all the videos — at least one from every country! — will be published to celebrate Smedley Chapter One’s 93th anniversary in October 2017.

Now what is it that makes Toastmasters Antwerpen so unique? We simply asked our members in the bar, after our last club meeting. Their answers capture perfectly the unique vibe of Toastmasters Antwerpen!

Enjoy the video and join us in whishing a happy 93th anniversary to Smedley Chapter One!

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